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Electrical Systems Design and Estimate

EJS Multivector Solutions Inc. offers design of Residential, Commercial and Industrial that fully satisfies and guarantees customers for reliable, safe and economical designs which follows the Philippines Electrical Code (PEC) and other standards.

Transformer Banking

Transformer Banking is one of the electrical works of EJS Multivector Solutions Inc. that brought satisfaction to customers due to our speed and precise workmanship.

Low-Voltage Switchgear/Medium-Voltage Switchgear Works

EJS Multivector Solutions Inc. offers installation of switch gears as well as wiring and termination of cable conductors.

Power Systems Energy Audit

EJS Multivector Solutions Inc. offers as-built plans for system analysis as well as Power Systems study concerning your entire electrical system. We will help you analyze your electrical system for problem solutions.

Installation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation

EJS Multivector Solutions Inc. offers installation of roughing -ins, wiring of electrical devices, grounding, and other electrical installations which you require.

Consultancy, Sign and Seal of Electrical Plans

EJS Multivector Solutions Inc. offers consultancy services which you needed for any electrical systems queries and problems you will encounter. We also offer sign and seal of electrical plans which you will need for electrical permits and requirements.

Infrared Electrical Thermography

EJS Multivector Solutions Inc. offers thermal imaging on your electrical system that can recognize stressed elements of your electrical installation before they break down or cause a fire. This gives you the opportunity to solve the problem as part of planned maintenance before it causes a serious problem.

Testing and Commissioning

EJS Multivector Solutions Inc. offers a wide range of services for testing like Insulation test, Earth/Grounding Resistance test, Power Quality Analyzer, DC Hi-pot test, Transformer Turns Ratio Tester, Winding Resistance Tester, Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Test, Automatic Oil Dielectric Test, Circuit Breaker Timer Test and Contact Resistance Tester which needed for diagnosis of your electrical system.

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